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Sundar STEM School (SSS) is a fully residential boarding school for boys, focused on Mathematics and Science from Year 9 to A-Levels CIE/GCE. The students are selected through intensive testing in Mathematics. The school is located off Multan Road at Sundar and the campus is spread over an area of about eight acres. High performing Year 8 students are invited from across the whole country to participate in specially designed mathematics tests. Based on the results of these tests, as well as interviews with the children and their parents, students showing the best potential as well as the hunger to excel, are admitted to the school.Admissions are need-blind and once a student is selected, scholarships are given to students based on income of the family. It should be emphasized here that the financial position of a family has no bearing whatsoever on the selection of the child into the school or the quality of education the child receives at the school.While the main purpose of SSS is to prepare students who we hope will develop into world-class scientists, engineers, researchers and educationists in Mathematics and Science-related fields, it is our belief that a rigorous grounding in humanities is essential for any individual to develop intellectually. SS is aware that the teaching of English is a catalyst of success; consequently the teaching and learning of English is given priority. Students are made to read and experience a vast body of world literature in order to help them become sensitive human beings.the school is in the process of preparing a curriculum to actively engage the students towards participation in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IO1). The first school session shall commence from April 2021 with a crash preparatory programme in Mathematics, Python Programming and English. Formal classes for Year 9 (O-Levels) are to start from 1st September 2021. The selection of students who meet the admissions criteria established by SSS is ongoing.


  1. The Sundar Team School is responsible for the full tuition fees of selected students from O-Level to A-Level. This will include all expenses such as hostel, tuition fees and laundry. However, if some parents want to contribute to their children’s education, they can.
  2. Only students who are studying in class VIII (8th) and have obtained at least 85% or more marks in the subject of mathematics in the annual examinations of class VIII (7th) in April 2020 can submit application for admission.
  3. Students with the required qualifications for admission rotation can submit online form through our website www.ssschool.pk.
  4. Or a scan of the form by emailing admissions@ssschool.pk or by downloading the admission.
  5. Admission will be held on January 17, 2021 at various locations across Pakistan for Math only.
  6. Test Date: January 31, 2021

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